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Skiing in the streets

New Yorkers are hitting the slopes streets.

While the snowstorm that’s currently bashing the East Coast is nowhere near over, hardened New Yorkers have no intention of staying inside just yet. And while a large snow accumulation is a welcomed addition to the snow-less winter NYC has been experiencing this winter, heading to the nearest slopes isn’t a good idea until the storm stops.

So instead, New Yorkers are hitting the streets. Multiple people were spotted on the roads, sidewalks and parks of New York City practicing their cross-country city skiing. Or maybe they were just trying to get a bit of exercise. Or maybe they were just heading to the bodega.


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The best fun skiing resort for summer

Vacations are a great time to try something new and enjoy a different experience. No one wants to sit by the beach for two weeks of every year doing the same thing. You want to do something new, viagra order fresh, and exciting. With a skiing holiday, you get all of that when you hit the slopes. The only thing with skiing is that it is a seasonal sport. Most resorts only open during the autumn and winter months, and that doesn’t give you a big window. Thankfully, there are year-round skiing resorts dotted around the world. Here’s a selection of the very best ones.

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A world breaking record in skiing

The weather may be getting slightly warmer but bikini season is still a ways off.

Yet that didn’t stop hoards of brave skiers from stripping down to their swimwear to break the world record for bikini skiing in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi, home to the 2014 Olympics.

A reported 1,000 participated in the event, colourfully clad in bikinis, swim shorts, and costume.

“(We came) to the festival, in order to slide in costume, in order to have fun and rest at the same time,” said one participant, Maria Popova, who came to Sochi from the Krasnodar region.

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Will It Shred? They bolt some bindings onto an ironing board and take it up the mountain. The results were actually kinda surprising.



You can make Snowboarding more fun and exciting with the different Snowboarding Tricks we have prepared just for you. In this section, know the different Snowboard Tricks and learn how they are performed. Each has an animation to serve as your guide in learning how a maneuver is done.


Snowboarding Beginner Course
It is important to learn the basics the right way before moving on to intermediate and advanced moves. Let our Snowboarding Beginner Course guide you in learning the basic moves and techniques.


This is the fundamental maneuver for a lot of Aerial Tricks. It is also useful when jumping over small obstacles. Learn how to perform an Ollie in this section.


Air to Fakie
This Aerial Trick involves making a 180-degree turn in the air and then riding switch. Doing an Air to Fakie can help you fine-tune your movements in the air. Let this section show you how to make this Snowboard Trick.


Surface Tricks


Learn how to maintain balance while riding just one end of your board by doing a Wheelie. This trick will help you in building up power as you lift the board’s nose or tail while riding. Get some Snowboarding Tips on how to do a Wheelie in this section.


Butter is making a series of full turns. Make sure that you are already comfortable in turning and lifting one end of your board before trying this trick.


Nose and Tail Rolls
A Nose and Tail Roll is done by using either your board’s nose or tail to spin 180 degrees and thus changing your stance. Learn how to perform Nose and Tail Rolls in this section.



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