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CITY shoppers can head to the slopes next weekend as the Old George Mall plays host to the Salisbury Slalom with a snowboarding challenge.

On November 25 city centre visitors will have the chance to go head to head in the mall’s very own skiing-themed event to win prizes and get their name on the leader board.

Manager at Old George Mall Jon Osgood said: “It is going to be a fantastic day of snowboarding fun next weekend and we’re expecting a flurry of people.

“This summer, we hosted a tennis serve challenge to celebrate Wimbledon and it was a huge success with hundreds of people taking part, so to get everybody ready for winter we thought ski slope fun with Salisbury Slalom would be perfect.

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Snowboard in Las Lenas hand Quiksilver Team

He finished the 2nd stage of the 2016 Quiksilver Freeride tour in Las Lenas, cialis Mendoza, pilule we share new images and tell them that will cover the next magazine Zero Gravity. On the other hand, viagra order the premiere and exhibition of photos of the 2nd stage of the tour was presented at the Bar Torino San Martin de los Andes in yesterday.

What is travel? Why do we do it? A new stage of the Quiksilver Freeride Tour has just ended and the memory of those who participate in this phase, we are ordered things lived. One by one, the volumes of the adventures fall into place so that by the time we review later in time, our travel flight between memories and anecdotes of the way open.


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Girls that ride in the Spring Be Like

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