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Great Britain won their first medal at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games when Madi Rowlands took gold in the ski halfpipe in Lillehammer, Norway.

The 15-year-old from Kent scored 88.60 to easily claim top spot, while Paula Cooper from the United States was second with 79.00 and Austria’s Lara Wolf third with 74.20.

It was Team GB’s first medal on snow in the Winter Games, which are being held for the second time.

GB won three medals in 2012.

But they were in ice sports – two in short track speed skating and one in bobsleigh.

Rowlands told BBC Sport: “I couldn’t be happier. It’s probably the best run I’ve ever done.

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When Katrina Lazzarotto was asked if she’d like to go figure skating in the mountains of British Columbia, she happily said yes. After all, how often do you have a friend with a helicopter offering to fulfill an unbelievable fantasy? Come and watch her breathtaking experience as she becomes snow queen for a day!

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Autumn is the perfect time to plant out bedding plants for spring flowering. Winter bedding plants are often referred to as Spring bedding plants or even autumn bedding plants. However there’s no need to get confused. Simply put, diagnosis they are biennials or perennials, patient which are planted from September to November. Most common bedding plants flower throughout the winter during milder spells, before putting on a burst of vigorous growth in the spring.

Try planting winter bedding plants in beds, borders, containers, window boxes or hanging baskets for a welcome splash of colour when few other plants are in flower. Why not try planting spring bulbs underneath your bedding plants for something a bit different!

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How does your lawn mower actually fare in winter? There are one or two points to bear in mind when storing your lawn mower over the cold months so that it will get off to a good start again in the spring.

No fuel left
The fuel tank should be emptied before the winter break, medicine because fuel residue loses its combustibility over time, so if fuel is left in the tank there may be problems starting up in spring. If there is still fuel left after making the last cut of the season, it is advisable to allow the lawn mower to idle until the engine comes to a stop of its own accord.

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By Liz Baessler When cold weather is coming and your garden is winding down, pilule a very good question arises: What will become of all your garden tools in winter? Good tools aren’t cheap, viagra 60mg but if you treat them well they’ll last you for years. Keep reading to learn about winter garden tool maintenance and how to clean garden tools for winter.

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