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There will be no men's World Cup races at Lake Louise this year due to a lack of snow.

There will be no men’s World Cup races at Lake Louise this year due to a lack of snow. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

Warm temperatures in Alberta have forced the cancellation of the men’s World Cup downhill races at Lake Louise, Alta.

It’s the first time in 29 years the International Ski Federation has called off a World Cup at Lake Louise, according to Alpine Canada.

“We’re crushed by having to make the decision, we worked very hard with the resort staff and our volunteers to get the racetrack prepared, said race chairman Brian Lynam. “But weather worked against us. It was just too warm to make the amount of snow that we needed on the lower part of the mountain. But we’ve got plans, obviously to push forward because we have ladies races to hold coming up.

“Basically half of the race course is covered with excellent coverage of snow that will be race-ready, it’s just the lower half of the racetrack that we’re having some problems getting good coverage. Mother nature is someone to be respected.”

The season-opening downhill was scheduled for Nov. 26 followed by a super-G on Nov. 27. Training runs for the downhill were to start Nov. 23. Norway’s Aksel Lund Svindal won both races last year.

Recent temperatures “remained above freezing too often, eliminating the chance to make the required snow” for the bottom section of the mountain, Alpine Canada said in a statement Wednesday.

“While we have good snow conditions on the upper mountain, we didn’t have enough cold to get to the finish line for the men. We will continue our efforts for successful races for the ladies and look forward to the men returning next year,” said Lynam.

Each World Cup race undergoes a snow control to determine whether or not the competition can take place or not. The International Ski Federation (FIS) said “a possible replacement will be communicated in due course.”

The women’s World Cup downhills and super-G scheduled for Dec. 2-4 have not been cancelled.

Last year, Lindsey Vonn won all three races at Lake Louise for the third time in her career. The American was not going to compete at Lake Louise this year as she’s still recovering from a broken arm suffered in a crash.

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It’s a winter wonderland on Grouse Mountain right now. And no, we are not joking.

Grouse Mountain staff posted a picture of the snowy conditions on the resort’s Instagram account and it looks like Old Man Winter just won’t quit as 25 cm of the white stuff has fallen.

Grouse Mountain spokesperson Julia Grant told Daily Hive snow began falling on the mountain on Monday evening.

“We did receive snow overnight, which is great news for everyone wanting to get in a few more spring turns since we’re open for skiing (and) riding through May 22,” said Grant.

The weather is expected to warm up over the next few days, so try to catch the remnants of winter before the snow begins to melt.

And if not, don’t worry, Grouse Mountain will be launching their summer activities this May long weekend.

“It’s the best of both worlds!” said Grant.

So to be clear then–Grouse Mountain will soon potentially be open for winter activities and summer activities at the same time.

But this likely means that the Grouse Grind’s opening date will be further delayed due to slick ice and snow on the trail’s upper section. Last year, the trail opened on May 2 to hikers.

What is up with this year, already?!

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Some members of the Nitro Crew are at home in the cold. Others, including notable badasses of summertime sports are easily felled by ice and powder. Here are two times Nitro athletes braved the cold for some winter fun:

One of the best places in the U.S. to experience winter awesomeness is Utah, a state with geography to suit any action sport (an important reason why we picked Salt Lake City to host the Nitro World Games). After the Nitro tour touched down in Salt Lake City, the Crew took a day off to go snowboarding. When you’re riding with world-class snowboarders Brandon Schmidt and Ethen Roberts, you know you’re going to see sick jumps. But you have to give credit to snowboarding rookies for braving the same slopes and trying to stick some of the same tricks.

Curling isn’t a sport you would normally associate with Nitro Circus. It’s not exactly a sport that gets the adrenaline pumping. But when the crew gave it a try, they decided to add an extra element to make things more interesting — human curling.

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Dogs playing in the snow might just be the absolute best thing about winter.

YouTube user stephen mann posted this video of him on a snowboard cheering on his adorable puppers, Cabot and Barney, as they take him for a ride down a snow-covered street. And these dogs are LOVING it. The wind in their fur, the encouragement from their owner, the freedom…

Watching puppies caper in the snow will ultimately get us through this frigid, icy time.

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Roger Marolt

I don’t hate snowboarders. I hate snowboarding. This is not because I think they go too fast or make loud noises as they scrape snow off the ski runs or even because a few snowboarders cuss and smoke cigarettes in lift lines.

For me, it’s simpler than that; I think snowboarding set the evolution of winter sports back about three decades, and now I don’t think I will live to see simple adventurers snatch skiing back from wine sippers.

I came to this conclusion through experience at the time snowboarding was gaining fast popularity and the experts predicted it was going to revolutionize the snow-sport industry. A friend of mine, who was an instructor, gave me a free invite to participate in a three-day clinic that was guaranteed to “blow my mind.”

In the first hour of the clinic, I was admittedly an uncoordinated mess and could barely figure out which end of the board went in front. By noon, I discovered that the front and back of the board were completely irrelevant. By the third day, I was a bona-fide expert and I knew with certainty that I had gotten all I was ever going to get out of the sport.

I outlasted the sport. Yes, I may be old, but snowboarding is dead. How do I know? You don’t see kids riding them anymore. Snowboards may have been the first snow-carving tool, but modern skis came along and do it much better with far more versatility. Ask any 7-year-old which is better and you will instantly appreciate the stubbornness of the last of the snowboarders you see riding out into their looming midlife crises.

OK, you see a few tourist kids now and then on them, but you can blame that on the parents who told them that it was the cool thing to do and who garnered this information from watching the X Games on TV and still think that three-day infomercial during a mid-winter lull in the real sports world is a harbinger of hip trends. The main reason kids show up at the venue anymore is for the concerts after the events.

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From technical baselayers that look like tailored shirts to ski boot dryers that don’t need plugging in, visitors to this year’s Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show can get a first look at a range of exciting new launches. Often the brains behind the kit are people who love skiing and snowboarding, inspired to create something different because they want it themselves.

The impetus for Red7SkiWear’s one-piece was reinvention. “It started as an idea for a Christmas present and developed from there,” says co-founder Naomi Hampton. “We liked one-pieces because they’re comfortable, and practical in deep snow, but couldn’t find one that worked for us.” Red7’s CG1 is soft yet waterproof four-way stretch material, with space underneath for layers and a fleece lining. Clever inner straps allow it to hang down the back, but not too low, stopping the jacket dragging on the floor of the bar. Show goers can sign up for a suit via Red7’s Kickstarter campaign. Full price is £350; the first 43 to pledge can get one for £199.

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Scandinavia is the new Japan for western skiers looking to up their travel ante and boasting rights and make some turns in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Lucky for you, Mint Tours have launched an 11 day Arctic Circle Road Trip powder tour that will have you salivating.

From March 17 to March 27, the team at Mint Tours will be taking a small group of skiers and boarders to the Nordic regions of Finland, Norway and Sweden. And you could be one of them.

Guided by Finnish locals who have been riding here for years, you’ll ride some legendary areas including challenging off-piste, incredible backcountry, and perfect free-riding terrain.

Add some unique husky and snowmobile safaris, try your luck at ice-fishing, head into the local backcountry to go snow surfing on Ilahu Boards and bask in the amazing natural beauty of the Arctic Circle and Northern Lights.

The ultimate highlight is a snow cat trip to Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge, Sweden’s highest located Mountain Lodge, for an unforgettable overnight experience. This fully hosted tour includes private transportation, loaded up with local knowledge on all the ‘secret’ spots to shred.

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Ruapehu Volcano from a far
Driving up to Ruapehu in the spring

Spring skiing is ON at Mt Ruapehu right now. Resort skiing and touring around the area are fantastic at the moment and conditions should be good for several more weeks.  This is the only ski resort open in the southern hemisphere right now.

Mt Ruapehu is actually New Zealand’s largest ski resort with more than 1000 hectares of in-bounds terrain between the two ski areas. The volcano can get hit by some pretty serious storms causing closures during the winter season but in spring it’s the best place in the country to be skiing.

The snow gets soft early at Whakapapa so if you plan on skiing there head up to catch the first lift.Turoa catches the sun a little later so you can head up mid morning safely and avoid the crunchiness.

Top of Turoa
Looking up towards the High Noon Express – Still lots of snow up high

Turoa has four lifts running with the Movenpick and Parklane chairs open for access only. Uploading and downloading carrying your skis is an experience in it’self!

Skiing off of the High Noon Express 6 seater is your best bet for good snow. Runs like Big Bowl and Maintrunk on the skiers right of the mountain are skiing beautifully once the snow softens.

It’s easy to think there’s not much terrain open with some lifts being closed but actually the majority of the upper mountain is open and the skiing is amazing with endless natural features to explore. The terrain park is still open with an awesome jump line. The jumps are all intermediate in size and have smooth take-offs and landings.

Clear skies out across the central plateau
Top Jump in the terrain park

The backcountry possibilities around Mt Ruapehu are endless with so options many  just outside the resort boundary. Touring around the solitude area on the Turoa side is especially good at the moment with perfect spring corn on a sunny day.

A crater mission should be on every backcountry skiers to-do-list. There aren’t many places in the world you can ski into the crater of an active volcano! To get there you can skin up the glacier on Whakapapa or bootpack straight up from the High Noon Express chair on Turoa.

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There is now going to be a year-round place to go skiing in British Columbia.

The provincial government completed a Master Development Agreement with Valemount Glacier Destinations Ltd., approving the resort near Valemount, a small community near the Alberta border, on Tuesday.

The $100-million resort claims to bring a unique and rare mountain experience to North America, boasting some of the most impressive viewpoints for sightseeing anywhere in the world.

A lift system designed for both sightseers and skiers will take visitors to the summits of Mount Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Twilight Glacier and the McLennan Glacier.

“It is an untapped market in terms of mountain tourism in B.C. The opportunity to view a glacier from the top is unique,” designer Tommaso Oberti told Global News when the resort was still in negotiations with the local stakeholders last year.

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